Barbaresco DOCG Bricco di Neive

Production area: Neive, Piemonte
Climate: temperate
Soil: silty, medium textured
Altitude: 300 mt s.l.m.
Wine training systems: Guyot
Grape: Nebbiolo
Vineyard average age: 30 years
Winemaking:: in controlled temperature steel tank, aging in big barrel and barriques for 18 months

Colour: red with garnet tones with some ruby glow
Bouquet: deep red black wine with intense aromas, fruit-driven as violet and cherry in alcohol. Wood and vanilla notes infused by the barriques used during aging
Taste: dry wine, full-bodied, austere but well-balanced, tarry
Longevity: improves with time
Minimum overall strength: 14%

Food pairing: roast meet and game recipies, red meat, desserts with chocolate and chocolate
Servizio: decanter, 18°C in red wine glass

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